Accounting and bookkeeping for growth minded business owners

At Plan and Grow we believe in providing strategic, accurate and timely support to our clients by bringing visibility of their operations through numbers. Our ability to understand stories behind numbers can give the owners valuable insights to act on to capitalise on opportunities. We work relentlessly on setting up processes and procedures around bookkeeping in your business. And our value-added services, as part of management accounting will be introduced as you start to review financial reports.

Our Mission Statement

We empower business owners by freeing up their time from accounting and bookkeeping functions in their businesses so they can focus on growing profitable businesses, servicing their customers and innovating new products and services.

Our Values

What makes Plan and Grow unique


We embrace the trust our clients put in us in dealing with their accounting and business matters. We take this seriously and we constantly update our knowledge, skills and systems to ensure we are top of our craft. We give our utmost attention to their confidentiality.

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Process Driven

In order for us to deliver the highest standards of services to our customers, we understand it is important to standardise processes. We work relentlessly to streamline processes by embracing continuous improvement principles.

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It is our basic need to be respected. However, we understand that it takes sustained efforts to build good reputation with our clients. In order for us to maintain that reputation we will continuously work on our craft to earn and retain respect from our clients.

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Being helpful is important to us. Plan and Grow was established to be helpful to small business owners. In order to be helpful, we need to cultivate the habit of being resourceful. It is our aim in this business to find answers to our clients' delight.

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Bookkeeping is the beginning of accounting and finance functions in any business. Transactions can only be captured correctly when chart of accounts are set up correctly for the business operations. Decision makers can track right performance indicators in their business functions. Time and time it has been proven that getting this wrong will have ripple effects on their business success.

Management Accounting

Management accounting is the fine art of decimating the numbers and understanding the finer details behind those numbers. Management accounting is a large part of finance function in larger organisations. It actually feeds the engine room (management) with relevant information for their effective decision making.

Our Blog

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