Break Even Analysis for a profitable business operations

As we are approaching dawn of 2021, start of a new decade it almost feels like we all are beginning afresh in the new year due to the disruption COVID has created in 2020. I am sure there are a lot of lessons learnt and will carry all that into the new decade.

However, one thing that is very simple that all business owners need to consider is looking closely at their operations and identifying the important factors that I believe would provide a good insight. It is break even analysis. A lot of people think break even analysis is only applicable to manufacturing and product based businesses. But, I believe it is as applicable to any business when you assume that business is one unit of production. Let me explain. 🙂

Similar to a product, every business will have fixed costs, variable costs, target profit for a specific period and average sales revenue. Although one may think that it is difficult to ascertain certain metrics for businesses. However, I believe that is what makes this such an important exercise for businesses to undertake.

As can be seen in the chart, profit takes only small part in the chart. Various costs takes most of the space because that is what makes up of any business. And by analysing these costs provides business owners important levers that can be managed efficiently to maximise profits in your business.

This also allows the business owner to set targets for their business for a new year and then break it down to different periods and create milestones to track the progress.

This also allows business owners to understand ROI of each of their investment (or expenditure). Of course there will be controllable costs and uncontrollable costs in every business. It is management of controllable costs what makes the difference between a profitable business and unprofitable business.

Get your accountants or bookkeepers to help you out with this or feel free to reach out to me. Happy to chat. 🙂

4 Important faculties to master to succeed in business

#Success formula for a small business owner or #entrepreneur is in their ability to learn, understand and manage the below 4 aspects.

Firstly they need to work on their #emotionalinteligence. It is their ability to learn, grasp, synthesise, identify patterns, become self aware, self regulate, visualise, understand mindsets etc. Some of it can be born trait but a lot of it can be learnt.

Secondly they need to work on their #strategicplanning and #execution. It is the ability to look beyond few years and objectively set a #vision for their business. Small businesses fail due to lack of this intent. This has to come naturally to them. Business coaches can help them but it is the business owner who needs to see that future vision and they need to believe in it.

Thirdly they need to work on their #financialliteracy. It is their ability to understand how the business is making money. This sounds simple but as the business grows it all becomes complicated. So, by having right financial literacy they can relate back to those basics.

Fourthly they need to work on their #speciality. This might sound too obvious but often either completely ignored or spent all their time on it. With technology disruption this is in constant focus.

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Importance of Long term and determinant goal

#Entrepreneurmindset #Mindsets

What is entrepreneur’s mindset? Why not all entrepreneurs have similar mindset? Why lot of small businesses doesn’t survive longer than 3 years? Does all businesses start with an idea?

Lot of entrepreneurs have the hunger and the fire to make a difference. That is the single factor that make them distinct from others. They work hard, long, put a lot of effort, juggle a lot of things alone and will have the drive to keep going.

The major issue is channeling that energy and drive into a long term determinant goal. In business, ideas change all the time based on the market feedback. The entrepreneurs that succeed are the ones that has a long term goal. In pursuit of that goal they put their energy, drive, tenacity. Since they have that long term determinant goal, they won’t give up. A long term determinant goal provides the required focus and determination to keep going even during hardest of times.

Not all businesses start with an idea. Some business start with an opportunity, some get started with frustration in some other parts of the business owners life, most of the business owners fall into a business. These people lack the tenacity to accomplish greater things – because of lack of clarity of their long term goal.

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Are entrepreneurs and small business owners the same?

Ever wondered the difference between small business owner and entrepreneur?

Both are used interchangeably a lot but there is a huge difference. Entrepreneur can be a small business owner. However, small business owner doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur. Let me explain. Entrepreneur brings value to the market where as small business owner offers value to the market. Therefore, small business owner doesn’t need to create value as long as he knows there is value in something then he can offer that to the market. Small business owners primary motive is profit where as entrepreneurs’ primary motive is creating value.

Entrepreneurs are insatiable creatures. Their hunger is to make a difference in the world the best way they know possible. They may fail 100 times but they will try again 101th time to make a difference. Because they are not driven by profit they can’t see any venture as black or white.

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Why Vision is so important in business or life?

One thing that differentiate a massively successful business and not so massively success business is its owner’s vision for that business.

Setting a vision to the business provides direction. That automatically enables focused efforts towards the same goal. It eliminates unnecessary run around and wasting valuable time on things that are not important to your business. Your concentrated efforts create momentum and your targeted clients and customers start to see you. That provides more opportunities to deliver quality service or products. Delivering on your promises enable your business to generate trust. A business that has generated trust in their customer’s mind would soon go on to create wealth.

It sounds simple but there is a lot of efforts need to put together to get to that stage. First and foremost thing is for the business owner to work on his own personal journey and set his long term goals. Use that passion discovered in that journey to create a business with a realistic vision – a vision that is actually satisfying a unmet need in the market place. Only through research one can find out the unmet needs in the market.

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