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All successful businesses have one thing in common i.e. their owners know their business numbers inside out. As the saying goes when you want to manage something, first you need to know what to and how to measure it. Our services are purely catered to this area of measuring and managing numbers. At the same time ensuring our client’s compliance needs are taken care of.


Bookkeeping, at its fundamental level is about just keeping books of a business. With compliance requirements and technological advancements in this area, bookkeeping profession has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Compliance services are brought under government legislation. As a result, services dealing with ATO such as PAYG, GST, WET, LCT etc. are now called BAS services. BAS services can only be provided through BAS service authority or a registered BAS agent. We provide our BAS related services through BAS service authority – ABN BAS.

With the advancements in technology, bookkeeping landscape has changed drastically. There are no bookkeepers who can keep books manually or through excel sheets. Lot of data entry has been removed by introducing technologies such as Receipt bank and Hubdocs. These softwares use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan through the bills and capture the most important data. That data can be transferred either to accounting software or store it in their own storage. There are also cloud based accounting technology companies in this space. The names of these companies are synonymous with bookkeeping. There are many but the popular ones are Xero, Intuit Quickbooks (QBO) and MYOB. Most of the features these softwares offer are very similar across the board but they have differentiated their services based on industries and size of business. However, they all provide such wonderful value that business owners are spoilt with insights. We specialise in Xero and QBO. We are certified advisors by both these technologies.

Aged receivables, aged payables, debtor collection and payable runs are the some of the important services that small business owners need help with.

As we are also a process driven company, we have a systematic approach to bookkeeping. We take time to understand our clients’ business needs and pain points and then suggest best solutions to alleviate those pain points. Our endgame is when our clients are thriving in building and growing their businesses. Our promise is to ensure our clients understand their business operations inside out from numbers perspective.

Management Accounting (inhouse-CFO)

Management accounting is a ocean in itself. There is so much about this function that small business owners can gain real value, and most of the time they may well be working back of their mind not knowing it is management accounting. For e.g. Pricing your products and services is a subset of management accounting. Break even analysis is also a subset of this function. Sensitivity analysis, portfolio analysis, budgeting and planning etc. all comes under this area.

There is a lot of value in this particular service we offer. With out in depth expertise and years of experience working in this area, we can save a lot of time for the small business owners so that they can focus on growing their business and servicing their customers. Primarily, we provide clarity and visibility to numbers with added insights.

Break even analysis – as the name suggests it is an analysis to understand the revenue needed to absorb your normal operating expenditure in a particular period and make no loss or profit. It is very important analysis for any successful business. Small business owners need to be aware of the minimum sales they need to generate by day, week or month or year. Although the calculating this can be simple, it does provide in depth visibility into the cost structure of a business. It also provides the clarity as to minimum profitability each product or service in the business need to have. As a direct result of this analysis, the small business owner would also understand the allowable discounts for their products or services.

Sales analysis – although sales analysis seem like a easy thing to do. However, if you know the end game then you know what kind of sales analysis needs to get done. We help you find answers to questions like below.

  • What are my top selling products by contribution?
  • What are my top selling products by gross margin?
  • Number of products making gross margin higher than average gross margin percentage of the portfolio?
  • Number of products and SKUs in the portfolio.
  • Performance of the new products?

This kind of analysis allows us to start the ball rolling. As you start to get the answers we get deeper in understanding your business and help you make strategically good decisions. 80:20 rule or Pareto Optimality is the gold standard in sales analysis. We help business owners by doing this analysis periodically to understand the performance of your business portfolio and provide insights to optimally manage it.

Gross Margin Analysis – the variances in gross margins are mainly contributed by volume, price and mix. We understand these concepts and have over 15 years experience in developing this kind of data sets in your business. This helps in creating more profitable offerings to customers.

Operating expenses analysis – plainly looking at each line on your profit and loss statement may not be sufficient way to understand your business inside out. We help you with deeper insights by providing detailed analysis on each line item and the reasons for such expenditure in your business. The main important part of this is to understand the ROI of spending such expenditure in your business. For e.g. a small business may be spending $80k on their marketing per annum and that could be 2% of their total revenue. From outset it doesn’t look like a large expenditure as it is only 2% or only $80k in dollar value. However, if you ask the question if what part of that $80k actually contributed to generating you revenue then you understand if that expenditure was required or not in first place. As business owners get used to a rhythm they normally don’t like doing ‘upset the cart’ sort of analysis. But, we recommend doing this sort of analysis regularly to keep your business humming time of time and growing the way its founders envision. That is our promise – providing insights to the small business owners about their business inside out.

Cash Conversion Cycle analysis – This is so important for every small business owner to understand about their business. Because if this is not working optimally then it means your cash is not converting into profit soon enough in your business. This is even more important if your business is operating using debt, that means you are paying too much in interest for failing to convert in time. The main thing that we are looking at with this analysis is to understand how long does it take your business to buy raw materials, convert them into your product, market the product, sell the product and collect the money. So, how is your cash travelling along that journey from raw materials to collecting money.

Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting – As the popular saying goes, fail to plan is a plan for failure. There is nothing new in this statement because all small business owners know the importance of planning in order for them to run and grow their business. This is our specialist area of service and very distinct in the way that we have years of experience working in large corporate houses helping management strategize and plan their businesses for growth. Strategic planning is not always about growing the business, it can be stabilising or managing negative growth due to situations like pandemic etc. Therefore, planning is not once in a year process successful businesses do at the beginning of the year and file it in shiny cabinet. Based on each business requirement we can structure this service either as a monthly reforecasting or quarterly reforecasting. This kind of service really helps small business owners in relation how the business is travelling along and where they are going to land at the year end. Knowing the landing then they may be able to strategise or tactically make decisions to alter the course.