Our Mission and Values

Plan and grow is a values driven company. Our values are very important to us because we believe exceptional services can only be delivered through these values. The below are our mission statement and core values.


“We empower business owners by freeing up their time from accounting and bookkeeping fucntions in their businesses so they can focus on growing profitable businesses, servicing their customers and innovating new products and services.”



We embrace the trust of our clients wholeheartedly when dealing with their accounting and bokkkeeping matters. We take this very seriously and to uphold that trust we constantly update our knowledge, skills and systems to ensure we are top of our craft. We give our utmost attention to our client’s confidentiality.


In order for us to deliver the highest standards of services to our customers, we understand it is important to standardise processes. We work relentlessly to streamline processes by embracing continuous improvement principles.


It is our basic need to be respected. However, we understand that it takes sustained efforts to build good reputation with our clients. In order for us to maintain that reputation we will continuously work on our craft to earn and retain respect from our clients.


Being helpful is important to us. Plan and Grow was established to be helpful to small business owners. In order to be helpful, we need to cultivate the habit of being resourceful. It is our aim in this business to find answers to our clients’ delight.